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Versatility With Adhesive Hair Extensions

Press release by Larry Oskin of Marketing Solutions, August 2015

Femme Hair Extensions

Femme Hair Extensions Offer Premier Quality Options!

Burbank, CA    Now is the perfect time to offer fashionable adhesive hair extensions to your clients for fun, fantasy and fashion! Adhesive hair extensions may be applied with no equipment. Just use your fingertips! They are perfect for any client who is hesitant to make the commitment to bonded hair extensions or who may be unable to make the larger investment. Hair extensions continue to be extremely popular and profitable as a hair fashion specialty for those salons who have determined to offer and market them. Adhesive hair extensions are great to market with quick temporary makeovers for proms, special events and weddings as well as to be used for a night on the town.

Femme Premium Quality HairFashionable Tape-In Hair Extensions: Tape-in adhesive hair extensions are the best way to introduce your salon clients to instant makeovers. The versatility of hair extensions are terrific for added new length, volume, texture, highlights, lowlights and body. Their unique patented adhesive allows you to integrate the hair extensions into the hair, appearing thin and almost invisible to help make this the quickest hair extension application technique in the salon industry today. This temporary hair extension option offers a strand of natural hair at 4 cm in width and a weight of 2.5 grams per piece available in the entire range of haircolor shades of Femme Hair Extensions.

Diverse Straight, Wavy & Fantasy Adhesive Options: This great new temporary hair extension alternative is available in two textures: straight and wavy as well as in 48 diverse haircolor shades inclusive of some of the most popular two-tone and fantasy haircolor options. These 100% human hair extensions adhere easily to your client’s natural hair. They are also comfortably and quickly removed with the Femme Adhesive Remover Solvent. This Adhesive Femme Hair Extensions option provides a safe, long-lasting and reliable hair fashion attachment. Known for their high quality professional bonded hair extensions, Femme Hair Extensions has now also positioned itself as one of the industry leaders with adhesive hair extensions.

Femme Adhesive HairYou Will Feel The Difference – With Femme Hair Extensions! They are exclusively made in Italy with superior quality 100% human Indian Remy hair. Femme Hair Extensions are selected and separated singularly by haircolor shade, texture and length, while respecting the natural direction of the cuticles allowing their hair to be of the highest quality attainable. Femme offers different hair extension techniques including keratin tips, i-tip micro rings, tape-in, wefts, clip-in and all the professional accessories necessary for facilitating each technique within your salon. Femme Clip-In Hair Extensions are another great way to introduce temporary hair extensions to your clients. The special feature of this method is an immediate application through clips. Composed with 5 parts ready to be used, each piece has clips sewn onto them, which makes the application quick and effortless. Whether straight, wavy or curly; Femme Hair Extensions do not matte, tangle or shed.

Versatile Hair Fashion Options: Femme Hair Extensions are perfect for length, volume, body, highlights and fun fantasy haircolor applications. They now have three regional offices to service you with education, support and shipments from their Burbank, CA; Miami, FL and the New York City, New Jersey offices. Femme Hair Extensions has recently been successfully launched recently by Stacie Rickell, Gina Mijares and Rania Alain, formerly with SHE By So.Cap. USA Hair Extensions. While proudly working directly with hair extension experts in Italy, Femme only uses the highest quality hair offered in markets across the world.

For more information, a free telephone consultation, free brochures and catalogs, call the Northeast office at 877-404-4732, the West Office at 855-629-0500 or Central / Southeast Office at 877-258-8189. Email Info@FemmeHairExtensions.com or visit www.femmehairextensions.com

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