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The Hair Icons Trend Collection

Press release by Jenny Hogan, September 2015

Style Notes ~ Featuring “The Method” Haircut & Cutoloring Designs

The Hair Icons Trend Collection: By Chad Clark

The Kelsey: By Chad Clark – Fuchsia Pink Hair
Fuchsia Pink Hair by Chad Clark“Kelsey’s haircut was already short, shaggy and loose. I really wanted to enhance her natural head shape and her beautiful neck line! She had very angular facial features, so I also wanted to use very strong asymmetric lines in my hair design. I created a lean geometric look with a scissor-over-comb technique that would professionally barber and tailor her new haircut shape and style underneath for the short portions. On the top of this haircut, I used more of a classic Sassoon bias approach to move the weight of the haircut with multiple partings into the center while removing the weight from the rounds of her head, while giving a very versatile mobile shape. Once the shape was blown dry, I went into a dry finishing technique using point cuttings to further soften the shape and to enhance the texture. I carved in some very strong lines to create some beautiful new points of interest. She was a natural brunette with no highlights, lowlights or haircolor. For the new haircolor, we used a very rich red red violet overlay on the very top portion only. We left the underneath portion natural to help enhance the dimension and depth of the two complementary shapes. I used a very light hairstyling serum prior to the blow dry before adding a texture powder afterwards. The final result was a stunning versatile haircut and haircolor design with beautiful new shine, dimension and glow!”

The Julianna: By Chad Clark – Stacked & Textured Asymmetrical Bob
Asymmetrical Bob by Chad Clark“I created this new haircut and style for Julianna by first taking her hair to our desired length in the back, taking off more than 6” of hair. She had long, thick and full hair. We used the elevation to create a gradation in the shape that would give us the expanded form. I also used over-direction to achieve a triangular shape that was longer in the back and shorter in the front. When I cut the new hair shape from wet to dry, I discovered her natural texture. So, I decided to take advantage of this. The haircut shape was very classic and pure in its approach. The texture helped us create an avant fashion finish. The fringe area was rolled and set to create a rounded bun at the front to offset the strength of the shape underneath. She has naturally curly wavy hair. We used a simple brown violet haircolor to enhance the shine and to even out her tone. She was a dark brunette with some natural light areas on the ends created from shampooing, sun exposure and the environment. To focus primarily on the haircut shape and design, we did not add any highlights or lowlights. The Julianna is a very classic, yet contemporary look with the beautiful undertones we chose to show off. There were no professional hairstyling products used to create this hair design, except for a soft finishing spray to give it a light hold.”

My Inspirations: “While working with the other Method Alliance Hair Icons on this new Trend Collection, I determined to use suitability for my models instead of forming any kind of cohesiveness for our models’ looks with the other Hair Icons.”

New Hair Icon: “I admire Jean-Baptiste Mazella, and Dove Palmer of Mazella Palmer. They have really broken free from their previous roles for Sassoon UK. They are creating a strong following internationally, taking the precision haircut to an entirely new level and audience. I also love Mario Mesaric of ZGAT Academy from Croatia. He has taken the artistic conceptualism of our craft to a whole different dimension. It's the hybrid formula of precision work with a strong disregard for the rules that draws my attention and Mazella & Palmer and Mario have it down to a science.”

Who Can Wear Hair Like This: “Any salon client with the right hair and desire!”

The Hair Icons Trend Collection: By Alan Benfield Bush

Jazz Cutoloring by Alan Benfield BushJazz Cutoloring: By Alan Benfield Bush
“The fashion forward haircut and style I created for Jazmine was a soft bob with Volumetrics convexity layering. This special Cutoloring Technique was done with only four foils to achieve all of the beautiful blonde highlights needed for her entire hair design. The haircut is an soft edgy bob with expanding layers added for extra fullness. The finished haircut was left to dry naturally on itsown. I invite you to come to one of our Method Alliance Cutoloring Workshops Soft Bob Cutoloring by Alan Benfield Bushto learn how to do this extraordinary haircut and style technique.”

Soft Bob Cutoloring: By Alan Benfield Bush
“I created this trendy new haircut and style for Annacamielle involving a very soft layering technique by using geometrics and Volumetrics to expand and show off her natural curls. The hair was cut knowing that we wanted to leave her with maximized manageability and versatility from this hair design. To enhance the texture and curls, I used three foils to add eye-catching red haircolor accents with our Cutoloring Technique to enhance her entire hair design. I again invite you to come attend one of ourupcoming Method Alliance Cutoloring Workshops to learn how to do this extraordinary haircut and style technique.”

The Hair Icons Trend Collection: By Hector Rodriguez

The Skin Fade Pomp: By Hector Rodriguez
The Skin Fade Pomp by Hector Rodriguez“As a Method Alliance Hair Icon, my men’s Skin Fade Pomp Haircut on Cielo was created with all scissor on the skin technique; to go down to naked fade on the bottom 2 to 3 inches on the nape and sides with my BMSC USA GeneX Scissors. Then, with the same scissor tilting out to start gradation, I started blending out to my desired length. With a super thin YS Park comb, I again then used a scissor-over-comb cutting technique to create the gradation. Once gradation was established, I kept round-layering in the back and nape. It was designed to be more square on the left and right sides. The top was cut short to long. It was short from the back to long in front by then using my BMAC ratio 3:1 Fine Texturizing Scissor to soften and blend the entire haircut and throughout the top middle length on a 45% angle to the ends. This helps keep hair up in the style. I then blow-dried with a Denman Hairbrush, lifting at the root, while smoothing the sides and back. Once the height and shape was established, I finished his hair with Paste and Pomade with a little hairspray.”

My Inspiration: “Men’s barbering has become extremely popular now. Many hair designers want to become barbers. Many barbers want to become hair designers. I am inspired by the classics which never go out of style. I created a hard line with scissors, while not using clippers for my men’s Skin Fade Pomp Haircut on Cielo.”

New Hair Icon: I truly admire Stephanie Von Meijer; the Founder & Creator of No Rest To Success, from Las Vegas. She has only been a salon professional for the past 5 years, yet last year alone she invested about $20,000 in self-improvement to enhance her career with endless new advanced haircut, hair design and salon business building workshops. She truly inspires me! She goes to every workshop and class she can from trade shows, manufacturers and distributors – with no specific product preference or bias. No Rest To Success is her education platform.”

Who Can Wear Hair Like This: “Take a look at GQ Magazine! Many male models and men can wear this look. It can be created to be a bit more loose and longer while keeping the same general shape and haircut as it is styled to be classic. The same haircut could be blown dry and styled forward for a more contemporary loo. This haircut will easily translate into 3 to 4 finished hairstyle designs, by using various haircare styling products. Cielo had a beard and mustache. I softened the hard lines with a texturizing shears, while keeping and trimming his handle bar mustache.”

Pastel Pixie: By Hector Rodriguez
Pastel Pixie by Hector Rodriguez“I lightened my Pastel Pixie model hair thinking of the shape. I used two contrasting pastels to go with the haircut including a pink fringe to break up the haircut. I applied silver grey over the rest of the head. Her haircut was created using a scissor-over-comb technique with my BMAC USA Leggera dry scissors on wet hair, keeping in mind to maintain the soft nape and hairline for more enhanced femininity. Staying from 1.1/2 to 2.0 inches off the head also created more of a round shape, opposed to a square shape like you would use on a male. For the top, I cut in a pyramid shape longer on the center top of her head with a slicing technique to create texture and movement. Then, I used my BMAC USA Texture Scissor ratio 47's also with my BMAC ratio 31 for a softer blend in back and sides with scissor-over-comb and down slicing action for softness and weight removal. I blow-dried her hair to add extra height to the center top of her head. I finished with Paste and Clay for that great additional texture you see here.”

For more information about Method Alliance educational seminars, manufacturer, distributor and special educational events; contact Alan Benfield Bush at 707-217-2700, Alan@MethodAlliance.com or visit www.MethodAlliance.com.

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