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Women’s Hair Loss Seminars

Article by Kevin Gollogly, March 2013

National Women’s Hair Loss Tour To Help Find Solutions For Thinning Hair

Fort Lauderdale, FL Flora Fuentes of the MHN Hair Studio in New York will host the very first in a series of special new Women’s Hair Loss Seminars that will be available for other hair replacement studios and salons to host across the United States. Kayla Martell and Rhonda McCarthy will be at this first event Flora Fuenteswith Flora Fuentes, the Managing Director of MHN Hair Studios to kick off these new free seminars. Those attending this event and all future Women’s Hair Loss Seminars will learn about the science of hair and hair loss, its emotional toll, how to tell if hair loss is temporary or permanent and most importantly the solutions available.

Fuentes notes, “We want women everywhere who are experiencing thinning hair or any level of hair loss to know that no matter what their level of hair loss – there is a solution. You can have your hair back, beautifully and naturally!” This is a very special opportunity for any woman who is interested in learning valuable information on hair loss. With expert professional hair loss resources available to you, this will be an ideal opportunity for any woman to become better informed about her choices. Each woman attending will receive a free hair and scalp analysis during their confidential consultation.

Respected Industry Leaders: MHN Hair Studio has been nationally recognized as an industry leader in hair restoration, effectively solving all types of hair loss problems for over forty years. TV and radio news talk shows have relied on MHN Hair Studio’s unique expertise for years. Their specialists have successfully helped support and satisfy thousands of hair restoration clients. Few would ever guess that many leaders from business, politics, stage and screen are loyal MHN Hair Studio clients. MHN Hair Studio takes an educational approach to help each client with customized and personalized services, while making the best choice for their lifestyle and image. Founder and President Michelle Cipriano actively works with Flora Fuentes to partner with Kayla Martell and the national Women’s Hair Loss Seminar team to help women who are experiencing hair loss.

Kayla MartellSupport From Kayla Martell: At only eleven years old, Kayla Martell noticed a large clump of hair on her pillow one morning. Martell was losing her hair due to alopecia. Kayla Martell did not let that unfortunate challenge stop her from becoming the 2010 Miss Delaware or a top finalist in the 2011 Miss America Pageant. As a result of Martell’s experience, she knows all too well the trials and tribulations that come about when women lose their hair. Not only is a woman’s outward appearance affected, but her confidence and emotional stability are shaken as well. As the official spokesmodel for Gemtress, the leader in solutions for women’s hair loss, Kayla Martell found her solution and then decided she needed to help women learn about their options when it comes to hair loss.

Kayla Martell shares, “When you take the diagnosis, medicine and patient stigmas away, every woman still wants to look and feel like a woman. No matter what, you always want to feel feminine and look beautiful. You really don’t want to look and feel like a patient. Gemtress has given me the opportunity to have a totally new, versatile and beautiful image. Kayla Martell found the solution that worked for her. Today, she is on a personal mission and very committed to help other women with any stage of hair loss find the best solution for their individual needs. Martell has successfully transformed herself from a ‘Woman in Need’ to a ‘Woman in Fashion’.

Rhonda McCarthyThirty Million Strong: Rhonda McCarthy, Director of Business Development at Gemtress and a nationally recognized expert in women’s hair replacement based in Fort Lauderdale, FL will personally be on hand at each seminar to offer professional consultations to women in need as well as to help supportive friends, families and anyone interested. McCarthy shares, “So many women feel there is nowhere to turn, but they do think about their hair loss challenges. We are a sisterhood of 30 million and we need to talk about it. We are committed to making this a very uplifting and educational experience. Any woman dealing with hair loss should know what options she has and that she is not alone! During this Women’s Hair Loss Seminar, women will have the opportunity to talk openly about their hair loss, become educated on hair loss options and to meet other women experiencing the same challenges.”

If you would like to visit one of these women's seminars click here to RSVP.

New Opportunities To Host A Women’s Hair Loss Seminar: If your Gemtress affiliated hair replacement salon, wig studio or hair loss center wants to help host a Women’s Hair Loss Seminar in your city, contact Rhonda McCarthy at Gemtress.
Call 954-661-3855 EXT: 3340 or email RMcCarthy@OnRite.com

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