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A word from Hair Extension expert Cathy Ingoglia...

Article by Master Hair Extension Specialist Cathy Ingoglia

Looking & Feeling Good - It’s All About The Hair

Extension expert Cathy IngogliaIn these crazy economic times everyone is trying to stretch their dollar to get the most from their shrinking pay check. Looking at the ever increasing sales of Botox® you can see that we are a nation that always finds the money to spend on enhancing our appearance. When you look good you feel good.

Hair extensions can make you look and feel fabulous. There are a myriad of uses for hair extensions if you understand the possibilities for them. Ordinary natural hair can be transformed into extraordinary magnificent hair. Hair extensions can increase volume and bounce in fine thin limp hair, corrected a bad haircut, lengthen short hair, and highlights can be added in seconds. Hair Extensions can allow you to eliminate the bad hair day. Personally I have been wearing extensions since the early 1990’s and I have found them to be a dream come true as they allow me to change my hairstyle whenever I want.

Hair extensions have become a common household term, and the industry has flourished in the past few years. Most likely everyone knows someone, who is wearing hair extensions and does not even realize it. Hair salons all over are incorporating hair extensions into their services. If you want to experience the latest in hair services you can easily find a certified professional who can perform this service for you. However, there are only a few who truly understand and have mastered the skill of incorporating hair extensions into your hair.
The foremost Hair Extension companies have created extensions to be applied to the natural hair, and last from four to six months. The application process can take from two to six hours depending on the technician skill. The fee for the service can be expensive, because it calculates the cost of the hair, the time needed, and the technician’s experience. The removal process, can take hours and in some cases the removal takes longer that the application.
To master the art of hair extensions you must first identify the problems, and correct them. Currently the biggest problem is in the removal process. The removal is time consuming, tedious, and becomes increasingly more difficult with tangled and/or matted hair. Wearing extensions for an extended period of time, may cause the clients natural shedding hair as well as the extension hair to tangle and matt. Most of the damage to the natural hair occurs during the removal process, which is intensified by prolong wear.

I have researched the majority of hair extension methods that have been marketed to the public looking for a hair extension method that would allow the natural hair to grow, have a fast application, and an equally fast non damming removal process. I did not find anything that met my demands and requirements.
Anyone who is associated with me will tell you that I take pride in myself in thinking outside the box. My determination has led me to find a Hair Extension System that can promote natural hair growth and greatly decreases the chances of damaging the existing natural hair, during the removal process.

After years of trial and error my “HAIR EXTENSION SYSTEM” was developed. I began using this technique, on myself, as well as clients who wanted their hair to grow. The hair growth Hair Extensions System is applied and removed every four to six weeks, after removal the client’s hair is usually colored or bleached. The client’s hair is clarified and dried into a style. The extensions are cleaned, dried and reattached. Some clients choose to buy more than one set of extensions, which allows them to alternate hair each month. There is a service fee for each re-application. I also encourage that the client uses specific products that will enhance the extension hair.
One of the best things about this technique is that it is affordable, and you can use it on just about anyone. You can enhance the client’s hair in seconds, and the client can have the look he or she wants almost instantly, or the client can change their look as often as they desire.
A full head application can be applied in one to two hours, depending on the technician’s skill. The initial cost for the application is less than other methods. The client’s hair growth is documented each month, with before and after photos taken after every removal and reattachment. When you look back at the photos, it is truly amazing to see the growth and the different variations of hairstyles from month to month.
My dream is to help set new standards for the hair extension industry that will bring us into the future. Education and innovative techniques will lead us there. When you master the art of hair extensions you can design and sculpt the hair into whatever you choose, the results will make the clients extremely happy.

Cathy Ingoglia


Please feel free to contact me at: CathyIngoglia@AOL.com
Office: 631-491-7177
Cell: 516-721-7247

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