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A word from Hair Extension expert CJ of Studio She...

Article by CJ of Studio She

How to find a good stylist

CJ of Studio SheAs a stylist who has been working with extensions for over 15 years, I find it vital to pass on some of my education. I think that it is truly amazing how the industry has grown. Gone are the old days of the hot pot method, glue gun (hate those words). Welcome a new era of Cold fusion, Ceramic Fusion, Links, Shrinkies etc. Not only are my fingers happy that the old method is gone but for my clients they now spend less time in the chair and more time enjoying their new tresses.

Often clients email or phone me and say that they want the best! From all around the US they are in search of a stylist who will not damage their hair and provide them with great extensions. Of course we all want the best but I would like to clarify what makes the best hair extension. Loosely used is the term Remy. It seems that the hype right now is all about Remy. But to a stylist it simply means that the cuticle is going in the same direction. That said your hair extensions should always be Remy. I have noticed some companies really marketing their products because it is Remy. I find it a bit of a marketing ploy because to the unknowing it sounds like you are getting something magical and amazing. Clients are lead to believe that if they buy Remy it won't tangle, mat or become dry. This is misleading. Remy hair comes in Italian, Chinese and European. All hair should be Remy.

For a great set of extensions you want to use good hair. Hair that doesn't tangle and doesn't shed and a bond that won't damage your own hair. I have read nightmare stories on hair forums and it bothers me to still hear of so many bad extension stories. The concept "you get what you pay for" works great...to an extent.

CJMy suggestion is to seek a stylist who has photos. Someone who is passionate about what they can offer you. I truly get excited when I meet a prospective client. Mostly because I know what I can offer them. Be sure he/she is certified OR has the credentials to back the talent up. I also think it is great when the stylist is actually wearing extensions. This way they understand exactly what it is like when you lose an extensions, what it is like to take care for them etc.

Also, ask to see the hair. You will want to see it, touch it and ask questions about the hair. Where does it come from? What ingredients make up the bonding agent? Will it tangle? Shed? Is there any type of glue in the keratin bond? What is needed to take out the extensions? I also suggest finding out what type of maintenance plan you need and how often they suggest coming to visit their salon.

Did you know that So.Cap is a all natural keratin bond? It doesn't tangle, it doesn't shed and honestly you will be pleased to know that it last up to 5 months and will not damage your hair. So.Cap only sells their products to licensed and certified stylists. The highest possible range in colors to offer you the best match. There is no acetone/remover used to take the extensions out. Personally I find this company to be the least aggressive extension line on the market today. As someone who has fine hair, each strand matters to me and I absolutely adore this brand.

Lastly, if the stylist doesn't have before and after photos....I would be careful. After all it is your hair and an investment.

I am always here to answer questions.


Studio She
433 North Market Street, Frederick, MD, 21701

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