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Misconceptions About Hair Extensions

Article by Extend USA, June 2012

Extend USAMy husband Richard and I started our hair extension company over ten years ago. As a colorist for 16 years, I never thought I would know so much about extensions. There are so many misconceptions. Many of you are cringing just hearing the term. You may already have scary images in your mind of Hollywood stars and the music industry’s finest strutting their stuff. They are dressed impeccably, their makeup is perfect, and then the hair...

You can see all of their naturally short hair sticking out between the sparsely placed pieces of clumped artificial hair. They have finely woven natural looking highlights, but then large chunks of mono chromatic clumps are lumped beneath. Is there hope? Is there such a thing as “natural looking hair extensions” that won’t rip out your clients’ own hair?

The answer is absolutely… YES! In my opinion, the stylist who puts in bad extensions was either trained by someone lacking proper knowledge in the art of hair extensions, trained by a DVD, or bought a bad system. There are many good systems out there, but training is everything.

Misconception #1 - Hair extensions are only to make hair unnaturally long.

TRUTH - Hair extensions can make hair slightly longer, help grow out a cut, add volume, and make hair much thicker all without actually extending the length of your client’s own hair at all.

Misconception #2 - Hair extensions will damage my client’s hair.

TRUTH - This is a big concern with good reason. Hair loss of a client’s natural hair usually occurs for one of three reasons:

  1. The extensions are much bigger and heavier than the section of the client’s hair (meaning, if you take a section the size of a ladybug on the client’s hair, you must place an equal size of extension hair. If not, the extension hair will be too heavy and weaken the client’s hair and cause breakage).

  2. The stylist used cheap hair. Hair is EVERYTHING! (Holy temple hair or not) What actually makes hair good is pairing your client’s hair to hair that better. You don’t want to use very thick hair on a client with fine fragile hair. It will be too heavy. Likewise, if the client has thick, coarse gobs of hair you would not want to use very fine hair. “Good” hair is always properly processed.

  3. The client doesn’t care properly for the new hair. If clients do not receive proper instruction on how to maintain their hair at home, they will not take care of the extensions and end up causing major damage.

Misconception #3 - Hair Extensions are only for movie stars and famous people.

TRUTH - Hair extensions are for everyone! Probably at least 25% of YOUR clientele has always wanted thicker hair. You can be the first one to give it to them. Just a row or two can make your client’s hair thicker than they ever imagined -- and it can be affordable.

Extend USA Hair ExtensionsMisconception #4 - Hair extensions do not blend or look believable.

TRUTH - While it is true that many types of hair extension systems do not allow you to be fully creative with your coloring, Extend USA allows custom color blending and a natural look. Many systems cannot blend the finely woven highlights that you created or be able to be as subtle as balayge. You want a system that will help you be more creative, not less. You want a system that allows you to match the hair color with true perfection. If the client’s hair color is subtle blends, you do not want chunky clumps of extensions poking out from beneath.

Misconception #5 - I don’t have time to do hair extensions.

TRUTH - Hair extensions are probably the most overlooked service. They are no different from cutting, coloring, highlighting, or styling. Hair extensions are just one more tool to making your clients completely happy. Many clients have been wanting thicker hair all their lives, and you can provide it! Hair extensions can also produce a lot of revenue for a stylist. They are about working smarter. Most importantly they give you freedom. Freedom to create something that was never there. Freedom to give your clients the styles they always wanted. With plenty of hair to work with.


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