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A word from Hair Extension expert K.S. Louman...

Article by KS Louman

Clip In Hair Extensions – A Hair Extension Addicts Guide to Clip In Extensions

Clip Ins by Head KandySo you've heard of clip-on or clip-in hair extensions. Celebrities, actresses and fashion models are always using them to give their hair styles new length and volume. The great thing about extensions is that they are actually easy to use and affordable – anyone can take advantage of clip-on hair extensions. Read below to learn more about common concerns and questions about clip-on hair extensions.

How Do Clip-On Hair Extensions Work?

High quality clip-on hair extensions are made of strips of human hair with very small clips attached at the top of each strategically sized strip. These clips are pressure-sensitive and are clipped into your own hair between sections. The result is longer, thicker hair that you can make into dozens of styles.

Will Others Notice My Clip-On Hair Extensions?

No. Because they are clipped between your own hair sections, the clips are completely hidden. It's important that you get high-quality hair extensions so that it looks just like your own. Good hair extensions will be made of human hair, so no one can tell a difference in texture. Also, a high-quality extension will be matched perfectly to your own hair color ensuring a natural look.

How Can I Wear My Clip Extensions?

The great thing about high-quality, real human hair clip-on hair extensions is the versatility of them. You can wear them as long as you want, although they will last longer if you take them out before sleeping. Clip-on hair extensions can be straightened, curled, or styled in almost anyway you want. Basically it's like having more of your own, natural hair!

Before clip-on extensions were available, the only option was to glue, sew or otherwise bond extra hair directly to the head. Thank goodness we have this option available to us today! If you are thinking about getting hair extensions, there are a few more things you should know about:

Clip-in hair extensions can be a fun, easy way to change up your hair style anytime you want! Don't forget to look for quality hair, the right color and a good manufacturer.


K.S. Louman writes consumer information articles about fashion and style for www.dirtylooks.com.

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