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Hair Extension Videos

Watch these instructional hair extension videos and learn more about the different techniques. Get more info of featured salons or see how Candi Gomez transforms herself with hair extensions, and many more fun to watch videos.

Hair Fusion Bar in Chicago featured on morning show

Hair Fusion Bar on morning show   .....The Hair Fusion Bar in Chicago, IL was featured on Chicago's "You & Me" morning show. See what they have to say about this top Chicago salon and the owner Ursula Sienko who is one of nation's top hair extension specialists..... WATCH VIDEO

KissFM's Candi Gomez Transforms herself at The Hair Fusion Bar

Candi Gomez at The Hair Fusion Bar   .....KissFM's Candi Gomez visits the Hair Fusion Bar to get hair extensions done by one of the country's top extensionists. See what she has to say about her experience..... WATCH VIDEO

So.Cap. Original video

So.Cap. Original   .....So.Cap. Original USA Hair Extensions are hand crafted in Naples, Italy to provide the finest hair extensions. This video will give you an idea of the process and the work that is involved to create this high quality product..... WATCH VIDEO

LaBella Hair Extensions instructional video

LaBella Hair Extensions   .....In this video you can see a demonstration of the LaBella strand by strand micro-loop compression system as well as the LaBella keratin-tip fusion system..... WATCH VIDEO

FN LongLocks information video

FN LongLocks Hair Extensions   .....In this video FN LongLocks founder Shawna Johnson gives you more information about what FN LongLocks is all about. Learn more about the techniques they use, the products they offer and the training that is available..... WATCH VIDEO

National Women's Hair Loss Seminar Tour

Women's Hair Loss Seminar   .....Those attending the Women’s Hair Loss Seminars will learn about the science of hair and hair loss, its emotional toll, how to tell if hair loss is temporary or permanent and most importantly the solutions available..... WATCH VIDEO

California Hair Fusion Demo

California Hair Fusion   .....This Hair Fusion technique is on of the most popular methods at California Hair Extensions in San Diego. With the proper application technique and hair care these extensions can last up to 3 - 4 months..... WATCH VIDEO

Malaysian Pole Weaving demonstration

Malaysian Pole Weave   .....Josette Desrosiers of California Hair Extensions in San Diego, CA is showing the Malaysian Pole Weaving method, a track by track method. The clients natural hair is combined with three strands of thread..... WATCH VIDEO

I-Link demonstration by Donna Bella Milan

Donna Bella I-Link Hair Extensions   .....Demonstration of the I-Link method by Donna Bella Milan. The I-link method is a non glue based hair extension technique using beads...... WATCH VIDEO

Kera-Link demonstration by Donna Bella Milan

Donna Bella Kera-Link Hair Extensions   .....Demonstration of the Kera-Link method. For this method Donna Bella uses a melting connector to fuse the keratin bonds to the hair....... WATCH VIDEO

Tape-In demonstration by Donna Bella Milan

Donna Bella Tape-In Hair Extensions   .....Donna Bella's Tape-In Hair is a revolutionary system that uses a newly patented type of tape to bond the hair extension to the hair...... WATCH VIDEO


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