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Clip In Hair Extensions

clip-in hair extensions Clip In Brands

With clip-in hair extensions you can add volume and length to your hair without commitment. You can install it yourself when you want it and remove it at night before you go to sleep. It is recommended not to sleep with your clip-ins. It can damage your own hair. It is also better to remove them before washing your hair and wash them separately.
Learn more on how to take care of your hair extensions.

The clip-in extensions are available in different widths from small pieces for the sides to full wefts for the back of your head. You can buy single pieces up to a whole set for a full head application. Clip Ins are the easiest of all systems to apply and remove.

Babe Hair Extensions Babe Hair Extensions
Babe Clip-Ins are made of the same 100% human hair as they use for all their other types of hair extensions. Babe offers a full head set with 8 wefts in varying widths that comes in 15 natural colors. They also have single clip wefts in 14 different colors (natural and fancy colors). With proper care these clip-ins can last from 6 to 12 months.
Learn more about Babe Hair Extensions...

Balmain Hair Balmain Hair Extensions
The Balmain Clip-in extensions are made of 100% human hair. The attachment is done with 2 clips. They offer 2 styles:
1. The color range for adding a color splash (available in 2 lengths and 12 fancy colors).
2. The Clip-In Voluminizer to create a temporary hair style (available in 9 duo-tone colors)
The clip-ins have a 6 months guarantee.

Cinderella Hair Extensions Cinderella Hair
Infinite Hair Extensions® by Cinderella are clip-ins made of human Remy hair. It is available as a 1 piece single strand in 8 fantasy colors (body wave) and a 7 pieces full head set in 9 natural colors and soft wave texture (1 x 8" wide, 1 x 7" wide, 1 x 6" wide, 2 x 3.5" wide, 2 x 1.5" wide).
The Cinderella clip-ins are 18 inches in length.

Di Biase Hair USA Di Biase Hair USA
The Di Biase Easy Clip Extensions come in 5 different sizes in width. They range from 1 clip to a larger weft with 5 clips.
Di Biase offers a "full head" kit that contains 5 different clip in extensions in a variety of measurements for natural integration. They use 100% Indian human Remy hair.
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Donna Bella Milan Donna Bella Milan
The Donna Bella Clip-ins are available in 100% human and heat-friendly synthetic hair. The clips are pre-attached and can be used instantly. They offer a full head clip-in set that contains 8 pieces in varying widths and single clip-ins that are 1 inch wide and 18 inch long.
They come in natural and funky colors.
Learn more about Donna Bella Milan...

EasiHair easihair
Easihair offers a large variety of clip-in extensions and bangs in many different natural and fancy colors. They come in human hair, human Remy hair and synthetic hair. They offer many different sets containing multiple clip-in pieces to create different styles and to add length, volume and color. Easihair clip-ins are available in lengths from 10" to 20".

FAB Haiir Extensions FAB Hair
The clip-in hair extensions by Fabhair are made of 100% human Remy hair. The stainless steel clips are color covered to match the hair and have a rubber line inside. They offer a 10 pieces set for medium to thick hair and a 7 pieces set for fine hair. The clip-ins are available in 22 different colors and can last 3 months to a year depending on use it and maintenance.

Glam Seamless Glam Seamless Extensions
The Clip-In Couture Collection from Glam is made of 100% Double Drawn Extra Virgin hair. A full set comes with 10 pieces. These extensions are available in 20 inches and in 22 inches and come in in 9 different colors.
You can order a package with a total hair weight of 160 grams and there is also a 240 grams package available.

Lox Hair Extensions Lox Hair Extensions
Lox Clip-ins are 100% human hair extensions.
They have a single clip application that is 1 inch wide and 18 inches long and comes in 8 fancy colors. Lox also offers a full application that contains 5 pieces in a variety of widths. This is available in 10 natural colors.

Milani Hair Extensions Milani Hair
Milani Hair offers 100% human hair clip-in extensions (Asian Remy hair).
They are available in a 7 pieces full head set (20" long) and a 3 pieces set (24" long).
They also have clip-in bangs.
Milani Hair extensions come in a silky straight texture and in 17 different colors.

Racoon Hair Extensions Racoon Hair Extensions
Racoon Clix professional Clip-Ins are available in 100% human hair as well as synthetic hair. They offer individual clip-in strands (1.2 inches wide and about 16 inches long) as well as full head packages. The full set contains 5 pieces (1 large, 1 medium, 1 small and 2 individuals).

Seduce Hair Extensions Seduce Hair Extensions
Seduce offers a clip-in set that contains 8 pieces (1 x 8" wide, 1 x 7" wide, 2 x 6" wide, 2 x 4" wide, 2 x 1.5" wide). The total weight is 120 grams.
They use 100% human Remy hair that comes in 17 natural colors and that is available in straight, wavy and curly.

SoCap USA She by So.Cap USA
SHE by SO.CAP USA uses for their clip-ins 100% Human Remy Hair. They offer more than 90 colors, including 12 Ombre shades and the popular Fantasy colors (23 different shades) to fit everyone’s needs and style. They offer pony tails, bangs and 1 inch wide clips. There is also a 9-piece full head clip in set available.

UtraTress Hair Extensions UltraTress Clip-ins
The UltraClip is made of synthetic hair. It is a man-made Paramahair high-heat fiber and it comes in 5 different fantasy colors. It is available in body wave of 18" long.
It works great for instant highlights with funky colors. The clips are pre-attached.
Learn more about UltraTress...

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Ombre is hair with 2 colors. A darker natural hue at the roots that gradually changes into a lighter color at the ends.
Before the hair is sold it is organized by length. The hair is drawn to remove hair that is not the correct length. Single drawn hair will have some shorter and longer hair left. With double drawn hair this process is done twice. The result is a bundle hair that is consistent in length from the top to the ends. Read more on our "Hair Info" page.
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