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Strand by Strand Hair Extensions (non glue/bond)

Non glue based attachments for hair extensionsNON Glue / Bond based techniques

With this technique small strands of extension hair are applied one by one to small strands of your own hair without the use of glue or bond.

LaBella Hair Extensions LaBella Hair Extensions
LaBella strand by strand I-Tip hair extensions are 100% human remy hair, cuticle intact and 90% double drawn. The NEW I-Tip has a rubberized tip that will make application easier and hold stronger. The tip will NOT need to be heated to reshaped for reapplication. This will make reusing their I-Tip hair easier and faster. LaBella I-tip system is applied by using micro-beads or micro-tubes. The hair can be reused several times.
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FNLonglocks Hair Extensions FNLonglocks
The I-tip strand by strand extensions used by FNlonglocks are 100% pure natural Remi human hair. Micro-links/beads are used for application. The hair is long lasting and can be easily installed and removed with pliers. They offer 100% pure human hair in a variety of colors from 14 to 22 inches.
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Capelli Hair Extensions Capelli Hair Extensions
Capelli is focused on providing the highest quality hair extensions available. They use 100% human tangle-free remy hair that feels silky. Capelli Built-in-Bead Hair Extensions are one of the quickest and easiest beaded hair extension systems on the market. It’s a preferred method of application by many that desire a system different from fusion, braiding, or taping.
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Microchet Hair Extensions Microchet Hair Extensions
This is a very gentle thread technique that is virtually undetectable. The process is quick and easy with no pulling or stress and no damage to your own hair. It is very comfortable and light, you can hardly feel it yourself. The attachment is so small that it can be applied on very thin hair and on areas of the head where most other systems can not.

Donna Bella Milan Donna Bella Hair Extensions
The I-Link system is applied using micro links. Donna Bella has two types of links that come in different sizes. Their most popular is the "non-slip" link that is threaded on the inside which secures the extension without damaging the client's hair. The "Flare" is thinner and longer. It is the perfect bead for fine, thin hair because they reduce strain on hair strands.
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UtraTress Hair Extensions UltraTress Extensions
UltraLinks are hand made using 100% Remi hair and are available in 30 colors. The application method is cold fusion with micro-links/beads. The extensions can last up to 5 months with the proper home maintenance and recommended hair care products.
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Babe Hair Extensions Babe Hair Extensions
The I-Tip pro from Babe is based on the micro cylinder method. The micro beads are clamped to attach the extension hair strand securely to your own hair. The beads come in 5 different colors to match your hair. The application can be done in 1 to 2 hours and it lasts 3 to 6 months with proper maintenance. Strands can be re-used up to 3 times with the proper care.
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Pure Pure Hair Extensions
Pure Naturals is a strand by strand technique that uses copper micro-cylinders to attach the extensions to your hair. The use 100% premium human Remy hair that comes in 23 different colors. They offer 20" lengths and 14" lengths that come in regular and delicate density.

Balmain Hair Balmain Hair Extensions
The Fill-In Soft Ring extensions of Balmain Hair are using a so-called cold application technique; no heat is needed. The extensions are applied using unique silicone coated Soft Rings, squeezed firmly with the special Balmain Hair Ring connector. One Fill-In Soft Ring extension can be applied in only one minute time. Quick and really easy!

Lox Hair Extensions Lox Extensions
Lox Single Strand is a strand of extension hair fused on to a aluminum/zinc cylinder. The Lox loop method is used to attach the strand to your own hair. A full head application takes about 80 strands. The strands can be re-used with the Lox lifting service after 4 to 8 weeks. (unlock the bead, slide bead up and close it again). The application takes 1 to 2 hours.

Aqua Hair Extensions Aqua Hair Extensions
This method features the Duratip™ cylinder system. The strand extensions are attached to your own hair with small copper cylinders. The application technique is similar as other micro cylinder methods. Your own hair and extension are connected by tightening the cylinder with special pliers.

Dome Dome Hair Extensions
The monofibre hair that is used is a very high quality acrylic hair that performs very much like your own hair. The extensions are attached to your hair in tiny sections with a special tool named C2. The C2 produces controlled heat that creates an invisible seal close to the root. A full application can be done in about 3 hours. Dome extensions can last about 3 months.

ProHair ProHair Fiber Extensions
To create the color and texture of your hair extensions 2 or more colors of the ProHair fiber are mixed together. The extensions are attached to your hair with a heat clamp that creates a seal from the fiber. The heat seal shrinks and secures the fiber hair around your natural hair. After 3 to 4 months the extensions should be removed.

Micro Point Links Micro Point Links
Micro Point Links can be used with thin hair and on areas that are more visible. In this thread technique 4 Cyberhairs are attached to 1 single strand of your natural hair with a micro-tiny knot. Cyberhair® is very light and it looks and feels just like natural hair wet or dry. The hair will eventually shed of like your own hair. It is recommended "refresh" your link once a month.

Micro Point Links Micro Point Accents
With this method micro beads are used that are covered with 100 Cyberhairs. A few strands of your own natural hair is pulled through the bead which is than closed. The extensions can easily be removed with a special tool that opens the bead and slides it off. After about 8 weeks the Cyberhair® Accents have grown down and need to be removed.

Cinderella Hair Extensions Cinderella Hair
The I-Tip extensions from Cinderella are applied with a loop/hook tool and I-link cylinders. The hair is pulled through the cylinder and after the extension is inserted the I-link is compressed with special pliers. With proper maintenance it can last 4 to 6 months. The extensions are reusable.

Bellargo Hair Extensions Bellargo Extensions
With this German method the extension is inserted with some of your own hair into a tiny soft plastic sleeve that matches your hair color. Through the application of mild heat the sleeve tightens and the join is created. Bellargo uses only high quality hair. The extensions can be reused. Maintenance is every 10 to 12 weeks to re-attach the extension closer to the scalp.

Extensions Plus Extensions Plus
ShrinkLINKS® used by Extensions Plus are little transparent connector tubes. A small section of your hair is pulled through and the tip of the extension strand is inserted. The connector tube shrinks instantly when heated by a temperature controlled tool creating a secure attachment that can last for months with proper care. ShrinkLINKS® extensions can be re-used.

Hairlocs Hairlocs Hair Extensions
With this method the extension is pulled with a small section of your own hair through a cylinder (hairloc). The hairloc is closed with a special tool what holds the extension in place. The "loc" can be opened with a removal tool. It will last for about 3 months or 2 to 3 inch of hair growth. The hair can be re-used several times depending on how well you take care of it.

PerfecTress PerfecTress®
PerfecTress Transformation Connections is a stand by strand technique that combines the cylinder and extension hair in one streamline design. The cylinder is covered with hair on the outside and the inside. They can be re-used up to 3 times. With proper maintenance the extensions can last a year if they are refitted approximately every 3 months.

Dream Catchers Dream Catchers Hair Extensions
These extensions are attached using the micro cylinder technique. A full head application can be done in 2 hours. With proper maintenance it can be re-used. It is advised to release and re-attach the extensions every 4 to 6 weeks. This can be done until the extensions need to be replaced.

FLhair Extensions (no longer supported)
This method utilizes a custom designed micro-cylinder shell. Each shell’s interior is coated with a Silicone compound to protect the hair from any compression stress. The Remy Hair Strands come fully prepared with a shell and threader attached. There are still salons that can offer this strand by strand technique but it is no longer supported by the founder. He retired in 2012 and closed the company.

Other Techniques

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