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Strand by Strand Hair Extensions (glue/bond)

Glue based attachments for hair extensions Glue / Bond based techniques

With this technique small strands of extension hair are attached one by one to small strands of your own hair using a bond application.

LaBella Hair Extensions LaBella Hair Extensions
LaBella hair is 100% human Remy hair. The hair is harvested in Southeast Asia and India. LaBella strand by strand hair is attached by way of hot tip tool and uses a top quality Austrian made keratin. The strands can easily be split into two in order to make micro strands.
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SoCap Original USA So.Cap Original USA
SO.CAP. Original USA Hair Extensions offers hot fusion as well as the latest technology with the Infralight Machine. The Infralight uses cold fusion with infrared modulation to melt the keratin in the most effective way for safe and flawless applications. Their premium quality hair comes from India and it is 100% natural.
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FNLonglocks Hair Extensions FNLonglocks
The fusion technique used by FNlonglocks is a protein based fusion bond. The hair is easy to apply, long lasting, and can be removed without damaging your natural hair. The bonds are long lasting and can be brushed from scalp to ends. They offer 100% pure human hair in a variety of colors from 14 to 22 inches.
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Extend USA Extend USA
An applicator is used to apply a small amount of resin on the extension hair. A silicon pad is used to attach the extension strand by strand to your own hair with a special "rolling" technique. Both strands are now sealed together (not glued). Several different colors of extension hair can be combined in one strand creating a very natural look.
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Capelli Hair Extensions Capelli Hair Extensions
Capelli Hair Extensions is focused on providing the highest quality hair on the market. They use 100% human remy hair that feels silky while remaining tangle-free. These pre-tipped keratin extensions come in 3 lengths, over 50 colors, and multiple textures. With proper care they can last up to 6 months and then be removed with their own bond remover without any damage!
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Di Biase Hair USA Di Biase Hair Extensions
The strands are pre-bonded with a keratin bonding strip. The strips are applied to your hair with the use of heating pliers.
These fusion extensions should last about 4 to 6 months and than need to be replaced when your hair grows out. Di Biase Hair offers many natural colors, meches (combination colors) and fantasy colors.
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Donna Bella Milan Donna Bella Hair Extensions
Donna Bella Milan is known for its certified Remy human hair. The Kera-Link system is applied using a flat-tipped heat tool that fuses the extension into the client's hair. The European formulated bond comes in a flat shape that can be cut into smaller pieces making it very difficult to see.
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UtraTress Hair Extensions UltraTress Extensions
UltraStrands are hand made using 100% Remi hair and are available in 30 colors. The application method is hot fusion. It provides a seamless transition when blended and styled into your own hair. Removal is quick and easy as well. The extensions can last up to 4 months with the proper home maintenance and recommended hair care products.
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Babe Hair Extensions Babe Hair Extensions
With this technique the extensions are connected to your hair with keratin bonds. The hair extension strands come pre-tipped, with the keratin bond. It takes about 2 to 3 hours for application. With proper care these extensions can last 2 to 4 months and the hair can be re-used up to 3 times with new bonds.
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Great Lengths Hair Extensions Great Lengths
Great Lengths Hair Extensions is based on 'modulating'. The attachment of the hair strand to your own hair is composed of polymer chains whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair. A special applicator joins the strand with your hair. Easy to install and remove by an expert. The Ultrasonic 5000 Machine (cold Fusion technology) allows for a secure bond.

Hairdreams Hair Extensions Hairdreams Hair Extensions
Hairdreams is an European system offering the highest quality 100% human hair. Hairdreams is attached to your hair using its Thermoplast Bonding System – tiny, connective bonds that are virtually undetectable and feel light and comfortable to wear. Hairdreams mentioned that the hair can be worn up to six months and hair extensions can be re-used and re-bonded.

SoCap USA So.Cap USA
SHE by SO.CAP.USA offers a cold and a hot fusion strand by strand technique. They offer more than 90 hair color shades that are currently available in 3 different textures: straight, medium wave and curly. The 100% European-type human hair is pre-bonded with Keratin Tips to ensure a healthy, strong and long-lasting bond.

Balmain Hair Balmain Hair Extensions
Balmain "Fill-in extensions" are made of high quality 100% human hair. A small keratin bond is used to connect the extensions to your own hair strands by strand. The bond will stay in place for up to 3 months and will not damage your own hair. The hair is re-usable up to 3 times.
It is available in 3 textures (straight, natural straight and wavy) and in 36 colors.

Toni Odisho Extensions Tony Odisho Extensions
Tony Odisho Extensions keratin fusion extensions are applied strand by strand by a certified extensions expert. The patented keratin protein bond contains the same amino acids that make up our natural hair, providing for healthy hair and comfortable wear. With proper installation and maintenance, the keratin fusion extensions will last 4-6 months.

FAB Hair FABHair Hair Extensions
Pre-bonded U-Tip hair extensions by Fabhair are applied with a small keratin tip that is shaped like a U, also called Nail Tip extensions. Keratin is a fiber protein that you find in your natural hair. When you heat it up it melts and can be shaped and when it cools down it becomes harder.

Aqua Hair Extensions Aqua Hair Extensions
The keratin fusion system by Aqua uses a durable keratin flat tip. The extension is applied strand by strand by fusing the tip to the hair with a fusion tool. The bonds are designed to match the natural keratin found in hair as close as possible. For removal the bonds are broken with special pliers.

West Coast Hair West Coast Hair®
This Strand by Strand method uses a glue-free soft bond to connect the extension hair to the natural hair. This natural and non-toxic bond seeps around the hair and quickly dries to form a lightweight and flexible attachment to the natural hair. It can later be removed without chemicals or oils which allows you to reuse the extension hair if you want to.

Platinum Seamless Platinum Seamless
The InterSeal System™ attachment method combines 100% Human Remy Cuticle Hair with and individualized paper thin adhesive gel attachment that can support multiple application techniques. This enables a certified-stylist to determine which technique is best suited to a client’s hair type, condition, lifestyle, and hairstyle desired.

Seduce Hair Extensions Seduce Hair Extensions
The Seduce Strand by Strand method uses a keratin-Tip or U-tip that is attached with heat fusion to your own natural hair. The 100 percent Remy hair extensions are composed of the highest and finest quality human hair available. It is available in straight, wavy and curly.

Cinderella Hair Extensions Cinderella Hair
Cinderella extensions are attached to your own hair at low temperature with a protein-moulded bond. The bonds are strong and flexible and made of protein that is not harmful for your hair. In general a high hair quality is used with these extensions.

Garland Drake Garland Drake Hair
The Garland Strand by Strand method "Long Lengths" uses keratin-Tipped hair also known as U-tips. Heat fusion is used to attach it to your own hair. It will stay in place for 4 to 8 weeks. The hair is available in 8 to 20 inches.
Only licensed stylists that are registered with Garland Drake can order these extensions.

Hair and Compounds Hair & Compounds
The Poly hair extensions are pre-bonded with a polymer adhesive. It is a clear and long lasting bond that is guaranteed for 90 days holding time. Because of it's strength less adhesive is needed resulting in smaller bonds. The hair is high quality 100% natural Indian or Russian Remy hair.

HairXtend HairXtend Hair Extensions
The new "Micro Fusion" is a damage free keratin based fusion application. The keratin bond is completely clear and transparent to the naked eye. It can last several months without shedding. The 100% Remy human hair is not pre-tipped and the strands can often be re-applied. The hair is guaranteed up to one year.

Lord and Cliff Hair Extensions Lord & Cliff Extensions
The fusion extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair and are pre-tipped with a protein based adhesive. The pre-bonded tips are heated and applied to your own hair with a specially designed applicator. When done correct it can last up to 3 months. Removal is done with a special Lord & Cliff remover.

Racoon Hair Extensions Racoon Hair Extensions
This method uses an inert polymer bond – non-allergy synthetic – which leaves no trace or residue. The bonding material is translucent and about the size of a grain of rice. The application takes three to four hours. It can last up to 6 months with regular maintenance appointments. They use 100% ethically sourced hair.

Hair Stiletto Hair Stiletto
Gruppo Bellezza Di Milano LLC, is launching this line of premium hair extensions, for the first time in the USA. They use high quality 100% human REMY hair that comes in all lengths, colors and textures depending on the client's beauty needs. The extensions are pre-bonded with Swiss keratin that is attached to your hair and removed with special accessories.

Mega Hair (no longer supported)
Mega Hair is one of the older techniques. With this method a keratin based hi-tech thermoplastic adhesive is used for application. The bonds are slightly thicker.
It is still out there but the other methods are offered more and will be easier to find.
The founder of Mega Hair has retired and the original company is dissolved.

FLhair Extensions (no longer supported)
The bond that is used does not need heat or chemicals for attachment or removal. This method was introduced in 2006. There are still salons that can offer this strand by strand technique but it is no longer supported by the founder. He retired in 2012 and closed the company.

Monkey Barrz (no longer supported)
The extension hair is attached using Monkey Barrz hot-melt adhesive sticks. A temperature controlled trigger-fed gun (glue gun) is used to control the amount of adhesive that is needed to apply the extensions.
You can still find salons that offer this method but the founder Sherl Fretheim moved on to other ventures and does no longer support this method. (as mentioned on the Monkey Barrz website)

D'Vine Lengths (no longer supported)
This system is very flat and can be used with very fine hair. The bonds are flexible.
The founder is doing something else and this method is no longer supported.
We mention it because it is still possible that there are salons that offer this technique.

Other Techniques

Stand by strand hair extensions (NON glue/bond based)

Weft extensions

Tape-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions



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